Various First aid courses available

CPR training

First aid is the first action for saving someone’s life. It empowers human beings with the skill of saving lives. It should be the skill which should not only be easily accessible but also available for use, says (IFRC) the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

First aid is the vital first step which we take towards the seriously injured or an ill person to improve his/her chance of survival. It consists of rapid action and techniques which could be applied to save a life, by no means is first aid a replacement for expert medical help but can surely add a few moments till the medical help arrives.

“Millions of people are injured or killed every year due to injuries or lack of timely medical help.

Millions of people could be saved, providing first aid, and the number of deaths could be reduced significantly. People living in disaster-prone areas or areas near the borders where war-like situations are unpredictable require first aid training. Awareness programs and basic training in first aid could have a huge impact at such places, and more people can get initial treatments, and many lives could be saved.

The Different Types of First Aid Training Courses available are:

  • American red cross provides first aid CPR course, AED, BLS, and CNA Training.
  •, three kinds of courses are available, online, first aid, and CPR.
  •, CPR, and AED courses are available that can be finished in 3-4 hours of time.
  • provides free CPR courses, Free BFA courses, CPR, and BFA certification (BLS) Basic Life Support procedures taught in online courses are according to the guidelines of the American Red Cross and ILCOR.
  • First aid for free provides Free online First Aid, CPR, and AED training with certificates.


All individuals looking to learn first aid skills, the above courses are available to them online/offline. The right type of first aid training courses is based on a number of factors, and risk levels of the workplace and also the number of people working at that place and how often the medical situation can arise. First aiders training programs are necessary for any workplace, but with a wide range of courses available to get the right training program. It is also very important for workplace safety cover. First aiders can be hired for workplaces, to add the importance of safety, as it can provide timely medical assistance in any medical emergencies or case of injuries.

First aid course

In life-threatening situations, medical support can take a long time to arrive but first aid trained individual with the medical technique like CPR can increase the chances of survival and recovery and can prolong life until paramedics arrive, First aid can reduce the medical emergency from small burns to chemical contact by providing immediate treatment.

Higher risk work environments like construction sites, factories, industries are more hazardous places where chances of accidents are more. And some other workplace environment consists of the nursery, where you have to deal with small children’s and infants or in rural or remote areas where medical facilities are situated. Pediatric first aid and activity-specific that can ensure that everyone can deal with any kind of medical emergencies.