Which Teeth Whitening Works For You


If you are considering your options and trying to decide whether to whiten your teeth at home or by a professional dentist, this article will help you better understand the benefits of professional teeth whitening. In this article, we’ll explore the risks of teeth whitening, ways to safely whiten your teeth at home, and professional teeth whitening options in Hanford, CA that you can explore. When you whiten your teeth with your dentist, you’ll see better, longer-lasting results and a safer, more comfortable whitening experience.


Whichever option you choose, be sure to follow the maintenance procedures recommended by your dentist to get the most out of your whitening treatments. In the end, your dentist will decide the best whitening approach for you to feel comfortable during and after the procedure.


Many dentists will offer you a customized whitening tray to keep patients’ teeth white between appointments. For in-office whitening, your dentist will insert a retractor into your mouth to expose the teeth that everyone sees when you smile. However, special precautions are taken in the dental office to protect the tongue, gums, and cheeks from the bleaching solution. In-office whitening consists of a thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth, carefully removing all impurities.


A whitening agent is applied to the teeth and left for a few minutes, and then washed off with water. During a laser teeth whitening session, the dentist applies a high-intensity whitening gel to the teeth and uses a special laser to enhance the whitening effect. Laser teeth whitening uses the latest advances in teeth whitening technology to help patients achieve the best possible results.


Sometimes ultraviolet radiation is used to enhance and speed up the whitening process, which can lighten teeth in different shades. Your dentist may also use light applications when applying whitening to your teeth to speed up the process, but this additional method is not always effective. Higher percentages of the whitening solution can be applied to the teeth for a shorter period for good results.


If you are comfortable with more gradual whitening, the home whitening kit will still give good results for the duration of the treatment. Home whitening kits may be the best teeth whitening method for you if you want safe, professional supervision but don’t need the immediate results of more expensive in-office teeth whitening treatments. From over-the-counter teeth whitening products, you can try at home to in-office treatments, those who want a whiter set of pearly whites can choose which method is right for you.


We are happy to help you choose the best whitening product for your teeth and budget. If you want to enjoy the benefits of professional-grade whitening gels from the comfort of your home, discuss at-home whitening kits with your dentist. If you choose to use a professional whitening kit, your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send them to a lab to make a whitening tray.


teeth whitening kitsDental teeth whitening kits provide faster and more effective results because they contain a stronger peroxide-based whitening agent than over-the-counter whitening kits. Professional whitening services are a great option for those who have regular checkups with their local dentist. Although professional whitening is the most expensive option, it allows the dentist to control the process and ensure that the teeth remain safe at all times.


Your dentist can make a special whitening mouthguard that will fit your upper and lower teeth better than the generic mouthguards you can buy in the store. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) recommends using custom mouthguards provided by your dentist if you want to safely and effectively whiten your teeth. Cosmetic dentists can help you customize the whiteness of your teeth according to your preferences.


Adopting a diet that’s right for your teeth, avoiding food stains, and other home care can help you smile. Dentists offer teeth whitening kits for patients to take home or go to the office. Teeth whitening treatments correct external and internal stains. Dentists whiten teeth by using bleach (usually hydrogen peroxide) to remove stains from the teeth and make them look whiter.


Home whitening methods have not been scientifically proven to whiten teeth and should be discussed with a dentist before using them. The two main whitening methods include professional or over-the-counter treatments such as whitening strips.


When you buy their whitening kit, you can customize it depending on how stained your teeth are and if you need additional desensitizing treatments. You will apply the whitening gel included in the home kit with specific instructions based on our oral guidelines. Dr Monica will use gauze, retractors, and barriers to dry your teeth and protect your gums, cheeks, tongue, and lips from the bleach solution.


It’s important to remember that while this method is somewhat effective, whitening toothpaste is primarily based on tooth-polishing abrasives that can wear away enamel. All toothpaste help remove surface stains from coffee, tea, and other lifestyle habits, but whitening toothpaste contains additional chemicals that help whiten your teeth. Be careful when choosing a teeth whitening method, as using a poor-quality product or process can cause serious problems, even permanent damage.


When you get your whitening products directly from your dentist at Magnolia Dental Care, you will have a licensed professional who can monitor the use of the product and make sure you follow safe practices. You also have a qualified technician available in case there are any problems during the whitening process. Before you decide to use both, your dentist will clean your teeth and address any dental issues such as cavities or gum disease.