Old and new exercise trends will continue in 2020

exercise in 2020

It has been a decade of health, where we have seen people go mad for new exercise trends and new workouts, such as hybrid classes, meditation programs, lunchtime HIIT sessions and even goat yoga.

You may have thought that HIIT couldn’t get any more extreme, but in 2020 it seems like it is going to take on a whole new meaning with micro-HIIT.

While a lot people attempt to fit a HIIT session into our busy schedules (the recommended time is 20-minutes of HIIT, three times per week), which means finding any chance to fit in a single, a few minutes of HIIT, as you await your coffee to brew or to your boss to get back to you.

Reckon you’d slack out of a class environment? We believed the same, however, actually, the trainers are so enthusiastic with their energy it is contagious. Additionally, the exercise session is scheduled in a room of people that are also excited so not only are your energy levels going to go up but you also (sort of) feel as if you are in the gym anyway.

2020 will see the growth of bespoke supplements. We have already witnessed healthcare becoming far more private with fitness trackers, DNA testing kits and gut microbiota evaluation, and this is only going to continue.