Best Basketball Players of All Time

Mysetery NBA star holding basketball

It goes without saying that the greatest of all-time players had played with different rules and different techniques along with the fact they were of different generations. In order to be the best of the best, there needs to be a list of great accomplishments to back that claim. There is no bigger accomplishment within the NBA than being the champion. It takes more than just talent, hard work and determination. It takes fearlessness, calculated risks and a strong head for mind games. The next time you find yourself watching the NBA with your family, these are the star players to look out for.

Michael Jordan

This was a name we all predicted would be at the top of the list. With his high-flying dunks, aggressive nature and winning mindset, there is no doubt he is a legend in the basketball world. In the year of 1988, he won the NBA MVP, scoring the title and being the defensive player of the year. He is an icon in basketball and even an icon for those that don’t even follow basketball. There is no other player who has played just like he has.  He has won two three-peats with the great Chicago Bulls and going 6 of 6 at the biggest stage of the NBA finals.

What Michael Jordan has done for the basketball industry is unparalleled. Michaels championships have come up against the sides that are full of the “hall of famers”. He is known as the greatest basketball player of all time. And many players customize their basketball uniforms to pay homage to him.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is the other half of the famous rivalry in the 80s. He was the showiest player and one of the best. He had a flamboyant playing style that fits in well with the Showtime Lakers.

He was the leader of the Showtime Lakers and soon became an important part in NBA history. He racked up the championship and the MVPs too. He has the passing ability that still remains completely unmatched. Withholding the record for the number of assists per game Magic became the perfect point guard but had the body frame of a centre.

Bill Russell

Bill has 11 NBA titles that came from 13 playing seasons, and it seems with just that, we cannot question the greatness of this player. He is a part of the top 5 NBA players list, and he deserves to be sitting there. He was the one who invented the defensive consequences and made sure that the defence was deemed as an equal force in the attack that was the centre league.Bill is regarded as one of the best defensive players of all time, and with his 11 NBA championships, it is the safest record of all time. Bill holds 5 MVP awards at a time when it was hard to be an African American. He wasn’t just someone who won a basketball but also someone who succeeded in life.

Wilt Chamberlain

Old school Wilt Chamberlain posingWilt gets an automatic entry onto the list of the best basketball players of all times with one of the best numbers of all time. He was averaging a huge 50 points in one season and over 22 rebounds in his whole career. These were the surprising stats that came with his name. He’s had his plays sporting the LA Lakers jerseys, probably the most famous basketball jerseys of all time, many casual team basketball uniforms are made to represent his team.

Wilt won 4 league MVP honours, 2 NBA championships, his 100-point game and the mind-boggling numbers he made this list. He was a very dominant player and with the eleven rebounding titles and seven scoring titles which seem unrealistic in today’s time.


Although the NBA officially doesn’t crown any titles, these are the stars that kids on the court dream of becoming, ask around and you’ll see, your partner, your boss, even your nanny with experience may know of them.