How Gym Buddies Help You Workout

two women doing yoga on beach sunset

Kudos to you for starting a good habit for yourself. Getting in shape or keeping up with an exercise routine need a lot of time and effort. You have to stay motivated and driven to keep the energy going as it requires you to be physically committed. 

The thing about routines are that they have to be done repeatedly, which could get to a breaking point of becoming boring. While there could be different ways on how to approach a workout routine, does having a gym buddy help to make it less boring?

What is a Gym Buddy:

The name “Gym Buddy” is deceptive as it implies that it is only someone you go to the gym with, but this is incorrect. A gym buddy can accompany you to a swimming pool, yoga studio, basketball game, or any other exercise that helps make you both healthier. More importantly, a gym buddy also looks out for you whether you’re inside or out of the exercise and vice versa. Typically, a gym buddy is a friend who lives nearby and has the same interests in exercise and health as you. This allows you both to plan your gym schedules so you can work out together while also helping each other out.

How Having a Gym Buddy Helps & Vice Versa:

While you’ve already set doable and achievable goals, nobody is exempted from getting distracted or being preoccupied with life stuff. Most of the time, routines break when excuses build up. 

So when this happens, you would need a support system or, better yet, positive reinforcements. The more you invest in such a habit, the more you will reap outstanding results. Having a gym buddy may serve as a boost to your commitments as you both know how hard you have worked for it.

Embrace Negativity

Yes, positive reinforcements from friends mean a lot, and they could bring the best from a person. But there’s also a power that could be generated from unsolicited negative remarks if you look through it as a motivating force. You must have a gym buddy that helps you look at it from this perspective. Not only will this help you work out and become healthier, but it also trains you to have thicker skin mentally and helps in developing leadership skills.

Two is better than one

You can get more things done when you work with people who have similar goals, drive, and focus. While a workout routine could get progressively harder to push you to your limit, it is also an opportunity where your bond with your gym buddy deepens as you encourage each other in attaining your goal. Whether it’s about losing weight, getting in shape or building strength, it all just isn’t about going to the gym. 

Gym Buddies Outside the Gym

Combining your exercise regime with the right diet is the key to losing weight and building a healthier body. Here, your gym buddy can support you as well by reminding you about the prize each time you get tempted with cheesecake and tiramisu. 

Furthermore, having a buddy who follows who you on social media means you can contact each other at all times. 

Gym Buddies vs Motivation

Lazy days will come; don’t ever believe they won’t. Having a gym buddy gives you a go-to person when it comes to conquering them. In the end, it’s good to have a witness to the progress you have made. To some people, celebrating losing 10kg-weight may sound silly. But to you and your gym buddy, it might be worth something. Your gym buddies can also remind you of why you started to motivate you to keep pushing, say for example you wanted to be a pilates reformer instructor. Once you realize how powerful motivation can be to get someone to achieve their goals themselves, you might also want to help others in developing leadership capabilities and motivate them into achieving their goals.

You got a friend

The main thing about having a gym buddy is that, other than the workout itself, you have an actual source of socialisation. As you channel frustrations to your routine, you may have also disclosed a little of your secrets to your gym buddy already. Both of you may have code-named the yoga teachers. 

It’s more fun when you have a gym buddy. They are probably the ones you can rely on the most when it comes to showing up on time and making it happen. Eventually, you would have developed trust with each other, which may lead to a long-lasting friendship.