At what age should you consider anti-ageing cosmetic treatments?

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Why do babies have beautiful soft skin? The answer is collagen. When we are young, collagen is the most abundant protein that is found within the body. Assisting to produce bones, skin, muscles and connective tissue. 

When we get to our twenties, the collagen production is reduced by half due to the fact our body stops growing and we don’t need as much protein. However, with the slowing production of collagen, you may start to notice wrinkles and fine lines begin to emerge around the forehead and the eyes. If this is happening for you, it may be time to consider light cosmetic procedures like dermal fillers.

So when is the right time to start anti-ageing treatments?

Prevent and protect starts in your twenties.

Prevention is often better than a cure. Anti-aging is something that people in their twenties may think they don’t need to worry about yet. It is vital that you create a routine that will help to keep the skin hydrated to try and retain the vitality as the skin ages. Moisturizers that contain Vitamin C will help to protect the skin from free radicals. The UV radiation is another culprit that contributes to premature aging. It is important to use sunscreen in your early years to prevent elastin and collagen loss.

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Prevent, protect and defending the skin starts at age 25 to 35.

When you reach this point in your life, you need to be proactive when it comes to anti-ageing. Research shows that by this stage, the proteins in our skin decrease rapidly, becoming lackluster. Dark spots, hyperpigmentation and fine lines will start to form on the face. Those little imperfections can be corrected using regular treatments like micro-needling and microdermabrasion.



At 35 to 45 it is time to protect, defend and start rebuilding.

While it may feel like you have missed the skincare boat, don’t worry, you can still bring a glow to your face. Some treatments can stimulate your skin to tighten, create collagen production and to aid cell regeneration. Treatments such as fotona laser can lift, tighten, tone, and smooth the skin. Such treatments target wrinkles, open pores, loose skin and fine lines. Aesthetic peels can help to remove the cellular build-up and to stimulate the restoration of your skin, which will give you results within just a few months.


When you reach 45 years old, it’s time to defend and rebuild.

As we get into our forties we notice many more enlarged pores, reduction in skin integrity and deeper wrinkles. Treatments like fractional radiofrequency can target the concerns and help to tighten the loose skin around the neck and face area.

It can be beneficial to apply a retinol to the face, which will exfoliate the skin and motivate the cell turnover. 

It’s never too early or too late when it comes to taking care of your skin. You need to ensure that even though you are using certain treatments, you still need to be eating healthy. Lots of veggies and fruit need to be added to your diet to ensure you are taking in plenty of antioxidants that will help with the anti-ageing process. Exercise and fresh air are essential just ensure if you are out in the sun that you are protecting the skin from the sunlight. You need to be looking at how you can look after your skin in more ways than just cosmetic anti-ageing treatments.